Paris for Her heralds a new era of networking

Who are we ?

Above all, Paris for Her is a community that lives and exists thanks to its members, i.e. dynamic business women, (aspiring) women entrepreneurs, start-up founders, project initiators, freelancers, and motivated students from around the world. More than 1’200 international members have already joined, each one of them makes our efforts successful.
Nadia Soufi, the founder of Paris for Herbegan her career in Germany. After university, she set up her first language services company (translation, interpreting and events organization) in 2005. As a born entrepreneur, Nadia has always shown great dynamism and enthusiasm for turning her ideas into reality. Boosted by the success of her first company and with many years’ experience abroad under her belt, Nadia moved to Paris in 2010, where she embarked on a new adventure: setting up a second agency. That is where the story of Paris for Her really begins…

“As a liaison interpreter, I’ve often accompanied clients from Europe and around the globe on their business trips in Paris. People always asked me the same questions as soon as their first meeting was over: ‘We’re in Paris and want to make the most of it so what would you recommend?’ ‘Could you tell us where to go for a drink this evening?’ ‘What about somewhere for dinner?’ ‘What can we visit tomorrow morning between 9 am and 11 am?’ ‘Where can I go for dinner on Thursday evening with my client from Hong Kong?’ ‘Where can I buy some souvenirs for my family and friends on Sunday morning before I catch my plane?’ And the list goes on. I must admit that I looked forward to all these questions. I was keen to share my tips and introduce them to Paris. The best reward was hearing them say they’d definitely come back (which they usually did) – with their whole family and for longer.

“At Paris for Her, we are first and foremost fans of Paris who want to share our enthusiasm and experience with you.”

“I’ve lost count of how many times colleagues, clients and girlfriends told me that they didn’t see anything of Paris apart from their hotel room and, possibly, the cocktail bar…in the same hotel! Initially, I was puzzled, slightly disappointed for them and wondered how this could happen. But when I thought about it, I realized that I had the same experience during my trips abroad and to other French towns. Most of the time, I only went out to a restaurant near my hotel. I didn’t choose the best restaurant and my meals weren’t as enjoyable as if I’d been able to share them with colleagues and like-minded people and have an interesting discussion.”

Paris for Her will help our existing and future members become more aware that they belong to a diverse international network of women, which they are helping go from strength to strength. Our focus is women and their place and role in society.


Nadia Soufi, founder

Paris’s geographical location makes it a centre for meeting and talking to other business women. Thanks to Paris for Her, working, visionary women from around the globe will no longer simply cross paths here but will meet up to talk and share things together. This will be a faster – and better – way to advance their personal and professional development.