On July 19th, a wonderful group of Paris for Her members with over 14 nationalities met together at La Bussola Del Gusto, a fantastic place in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Despite the heat wave, all of them spent a refreshing evening together thanks to the air condition and, of course, to the dynamism and enthusiasm of the host, Laura Adorni, and the professional coach, Claudia Garcia, who prepared and moderated this fantastic workshop session!

Paris for Her events-Define your Offline Personal Brand: Chapter 1. Know yourself

Claudia talking about personal branding

This exciting workshop took place in a relaxed atmosphere. Claudia helped all participants to understand the meaning of personal branding – what people say about you when you are not in the room.

Then she shared some key elements with the participants on how to build a strong personal brand:

  • Know yourself and your core values: know who you are in order to connect to people.
  • Transparency: be authentic – to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Recognize your strengths: define the strengths that differentiate yourself  from others.
  • What’s your Story: tell your story. The more information you give, the more you tell your audience, the stronger your personal brand will be.
  • Competitiveness: define your own skills, those you have learned, and highlight them on your CV.
  • Consistency: be able to give a proof about what you say. The rule is: an argument = a proof.
  • Personal branding communication: how to build your online personal brand – make the best use of social media and choose the most appropriate one your for target.
  • Create a community around your values: it will help you improve your network.

Paris for Her events-Define your Offline Personal Brand: Chapter 1. Know yourself

And that’s not all! We completed the workshop with some interactive exercises that helped us better understand ourselves:

We started with a deep breath and a rebalancing exercise proposed by Claudia, after which everyone felt much more relaxed and confident.

Then we continued with a group exercise that allowed us to better understand our personality, discover something more about our exercise partner and, at the same time, more about ourselves, our values and qualities.

Paris for Her events-Define your Offline Personal Brand: Chapter 1. Know yourself

Storytelling time with Paris for Her members

Thanks to the introspective “life trip”, we discovered our own essence, and we are now ready to make the best use of it!

After a short presentation of her shop, products and the future projects, Laura invited us to taste some delicious Italian products:

Pasta al pesto, Parmiggiano Reggiano, grissini combined with speck and a special salame called Finocchiona, olives and tipical italian sauces with bruschetta.

Our taste buds have been charmed by the flavour of all these fresh Italian products.

Paris for Her events-Define your Offline Personal Brand: Chapter 1. Know yourself

A wonderful evening in a warm and joyful atmosphere followed by small talks between the participants

Thank you so much to all Paris for Her members for attending this very beneficial and useful workshop! Special thanks to Claudia and Laura for making this happen and for making this event a real success! Your brand is so much more than what you sell or what you do, it’s WHO YOU ARE. Once you know who you are, you can move to the next chapter: How do you differentiate from others? And the last chapter: Who do I want to inspire?

See you at the next sessions (events calendar)!

Your Paris for Her Team
Sarah, Jiayi & Nadia

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